Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Nick's News! Merry Christmas!


Well, it is now December, 27th and the festivities are almost over. For Christmas my wargames and hobby collection was boosted by several new additions. I will try to post a more detailed and individual post for each of the new games etc but for now I'll say that for WH40K the main additions were: Death Masque; Deathwatch Overkill; and Lost Patrol. For Warhammer: Blood Bowl (a spin off really, but still old Warhammer in my mind). For Bolt Action: Band of Brothers. There were a couple of other bits and bobs and hobby supplies but those listed were the main additions.

Best regards


Thursday, 15 December 2016

Nick's News! General Update


It has been twelve months since my last post. I knew in advance that my 2016 would be a busy one and that there would be very little time to update my blog. This proved to be the case. I have not been totally idle hobby-wise though. I've spent a little time on my Warhammer 40K Eagle Marines, a little time on my Bolt Action Screaming Eagles, and a little time on my Flames of War forces, including a little time on some Team Yankee models.

Gaming-wise I've played a fair amount of X-Wing, particularly in the first half of the year. More recently I've been playing some Deadzone (Version 1) which I have enjoyed and I consider a great 'lunchtime' game. I've yet to play the version 2 rules but I may purchase a copy and create a hybrid version of my own which takes what are in my opinion the 'best bits' from both versions.

Christmas is just around the corner and as usual I have pre-purchased some gifts which I can 'receive' from relatives. There are some additions to some games I already own and some new models and toys to display in my study/hobby room at home.

Hopefully I will get back to regular blog updates in 2017.

Best regards