Greetings and Welcome to my Wargaming Blog.

I have enjoyed collecting miniatures and wargaming for many many years and despite my interest blowing hot and cold over the years it has always been a hobby which I have enjoyed and I have been able to return to and pick up where I left off.

My recent resurgence which began about two years ago has coincided with what is a golden age for the hobby. There are so many new games and systems being launched that it is difficult to keep track.

It is my intention to create a page or two to go into detail on the systems I am currently enjoying collecting and gaming but I will now do a quick list of the systems I have an interest in, and a list of games which are on my radar and which I might pick up and play at some point:

Games Workshop
Warhammer Fantasy Battles - I will use previous rule sets if I want to game (not Age of Sigmar)
Wahammer 40,000 - I have never missed an edition yet
Necromunda - a spin off skirmish game, old school rules
Space Hulk - a spin off board game, a good way to spend an evening playing

Mantic Games
Kings of War - I'm just seeing if it is right for me
Warpath - a new version is out soon, will it rival WH40K?
Deadzone - a spin off skirmish game, I am yet to play this
Dreadball - a spin off sports game, a good game to play now and again

Historical Games 
World War II battles were the first table top battles I played.
It is fantastic that two great systems are now available:
Flames of War - 15mm Scale means lots of tanks!
Bolt Action - 28mm Scale means skirmish tactics!
Although I never played Napoleonic battles when younger, I've always been interested, so:
Black Powder - I have purchased but not played as yet

Sci-Fi Games
Two similar games which are both enjoyable are:
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures - I play all three factions
Star Trek: Attack Wing - A great alternative which is familiar and yet different

On the Radar
The following games and systems have caught my eye. But as my time and budget are already stretched to breaking point I will possibly never get much further than admiring from afar:
Batman Miniature Game
Wild West Exodus
Judge Dread Miniatures Game
Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game
Firestorm Armada
Halo Fleet Battles

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