Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nick's News! YouTube Channel


It is three years since I uploaded a video to Diggers Channel I think it is about time I began to add some more but I am not yet in a position to set out my armies and collections en masse.

I might do short videos where I record them live on my iPhone and upload them? The way I did them in the past was to take lots of stills of my armies and create a video with commentary using Windows Movie Maker..... it took quite a bit of time editing etc, so that is why I stopped producing them.....

Nick's News! On the Table - Bolt Action Germans

Bolt Action

I purchased some metal Waffen SS Germans a while ago and I have finally got around to assembling them:

The models make up the core of a reinforced platoon.

They will be the same unit as that which I have created for my Flames of War 12th SS Panzer Division force.

It is a small elite force

Since these photos were taken I have primed the models and basecoated them so another update will follow........

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Nick's News! Harlequins

Warhammer 40,000

In an attempt to get my daughter into the hobby I gave her the Harlequin miniatures from the Death Masque boxed game to assemble and paint.

She has made a really good job of assembling the miniatures and as she has a good artistic eye I anticipate that she will make a really good job of painting them too. Better than I ever could, in fact.
These things take time, so I am not sure when the next post on these miniatures will be. Hopefully, if I can get a game or two of WH40K 8th Edition in with her, she will want to show some of the unpainted miniatures some love and paint a couple up....... I always like to give a unit that has done well in a game some attention with the paintbrush before its next battle.....

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Nick's News! On the Table - Scouts

Warhammer 40,000

I had a couple of squads of scouts which needed a little work to get them to 'battle standard' and so I dug them out a month or so ago.

I kitted them both out as a standard bolter armed unit with a heavy bolter upgrade.

I think that the some of the models were from the large box set acquired a year or so ago plus a further box of five? But I am not certain how I ended up with two squads of seven? However, five more scouts were added to the collection (as attached to the 5th Company) when I acquired the Lost Patrol boxed game........

These are a standard five man squad of a sergeant, three bolters, one heavy bolter. They have been painted i the same manner and to the same standard as the other squads. They may get some more attention if and when they get fielded regularly in Lost Patrol.......