Monday, 27 July 2015

Nick's News! Showcase

Warhammer: 40,000

For today's post I just wanted to show my two super heavy tanks for my Imperial Guard forces.
Fluff wise I'm not too sure which regiment they will be from but the chances are that they will be used to support my 'regular' company which uses the Cadian models.

The Baneblade is one I bought and built a couple of years ago. As is typical for me it got to basecoat stage and work stopped. I bought the other tank off ebay. It is magnetised and has working headlights and tail lights! I can't even remember what the above version is called but the version below is the Shadow Sword. Something I have wanted to have in my collection for a long while. For me it is most 'tank like'. The Baneblade is good but possibly for me a bit too World War I tank crossed with a World War I battleship?

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Nick's News! On the Table - Drop Pod

Warhammer: 40,000

I acquired a Space Marine strikeforce box set a while back. Most of the contents have been assembled and basecoated. The last two models are the Drop Pod and the Storm Talon. The Drop Pod was started today.....

Notice that I have elected not to fit it out as a troop transport. This baby is going to deliver a dreadnought to the enemy!

Nick's News! On the Table - Scouts

Warhammer: 40,000

The fifth company of my Eagle Marines was unable to actually field many of the formations in the latest Codex: 2015.

So, I have been obtaining models through ebay and elsewhere to fill the gaps.

On the table at the moment are Scouts!

There will be three squads of scouts two with bolters and a heavy bolter, the other with combat shotguns and a missile launcher - if I can find the spare one I thought I had in my bits box!

Nick's News! Quick Battle Report

Bolt Action

On Friday, 24th July I enjoyed my first game of Bolt Action!

The battle saw my 1,000 point US force v Rob's hastily assembled German force. To achieve the points limit we both took veteran troops. My biggest worry though was that his veteran Panther would no doubt eat my regular Sherman for breakfast!

Although we inevitably got some rules wrong, and missed some out altogether we thoroughly enjoyed the game. I had seen a few battle reports online and I had watched Alessio and Warren's Demo Game on Beasts of War more than once and so I knew the game mechanic quite well. It was new to Rob though and at first he assumed that the order dice would all be drawn and given to each unit ahead of the first turn. Once the penny dropped and he realized the random activation element he was very impressed.

The biggest feature in our game was my decision to bring an Artillery Observer. The barrage brought down devastated his centre line. I then got a bit giddy and decided to assault his weakened squads only to run into my own ongoing barrage! A rookie error which my veteran troops would probably not have made without me leading them!

The Sherman was first immobilised and then destroyed by the Panther.
I got my revenge with the Bazooka!

   The squads performed well. They exchanged fire with the Germans and held their own.

US Veterans are good and I will continue to hone my tactics
Pin markers are an amazing game dynamic and very important - new tokens/counters to be made!
SMGs were not used - we never got in range! I had took my maximum allowance and so had several troops just watching the action.
Man of the match was my Artillery Observer - we never discovered how or when the barrage ends, maybe it never does?

Rules we got wrong:
We never realised there was a max and minimum morale
We never removed a pin for continuing to be 'down'
We allowed the major in the Hanomag to fire from it.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Nick's News! YouTube Channel


I began to upload videos to my YouTube Channel a few months ago:  DiggersChannel

It took me ages to do each one, so my enthusiasm for the project declined. The channel was more for me to keep a record of each of my armies and then, as I returned to each one, record the progress I made in turning them from an ad hoc collection into useable or playable forces.

Maybe I will pick up where I left off. Or maybe I will use this blog to record the collection......

Nick's News! On the Table - Imperial Knight

Warhammer: 40,000

When I bought my Imperial Knight I wanted it to be in a more dynamic pose. The original idea was to have it in a half crouch with its gun arm out straight - like James Bond is in the opening credits of the films. However, my skills are not great so the result is more of a 'lunge'.

Once I'd hacked the legs with a razor saw it came together ok. A bit of milliput to fill the holes, and then attaching some of the armour plates and it looks reasonable.

It is far from finished but it is in a 'ready for battle' condition which is a stage most of my miniatures get to before I move on to another project. If models perform well in battle then I show them some love and add more detail or take then to the next stage in painting.

Nick's News! On the Table - Bolt Action Americans

Bolt Action
My first game of Bolt Action is tomorrow evening! My US Paratroopers will face Rob's Germans.

To achieve 1,000 points I have had to upgrade all the troops to Veterans. They are joined by a Regular Sherman - I could have gone back and downgraded some men or squads to be able to take a Veteran Sherman with the Geo-Stabilized gun - but that's not my way. I collect and build models. I bring them to battle. If they win, fantastic. If they lose, they lose. So long as the game is 'cinematic' and fun I will have enjoyed it.

The models are far from finished but they will go to war with at least some paint on them!
I will post updates as they progress......

Nick's News! Quick Battle Report

X-Wing: The Miniatures Game
Last night at the North West Gaming Centre my good friend Andrew Thornway and I played a standard 100 point head to head. His Millennium Falcon piloted by Chewbacca was accompanied by two X-Wings, one with Wedge the other with Biggs. My Scum Faction of an Aggressor, a Z-95 Headhunter and a HWK-290 managed to secure a very narrow victory! This was only because Andrew's last ship which was Biggs (with one hull point left) turned to attack my Aggressor (with one hull point left) and landed on an asteroid! The inevitable happened - the ship took damage and blew up before it could fire first at IG88-B. I was incredibly lucky!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Nick's News! First Post

Welcome to my Blog. Please hit the 'Welcome' tab at the top of this page to read more about why I have created this blog and what I intend to use it for.
Thanks for stopping by......