Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Nick's News! Project Z

Project Z

I picked up a copy of Project Z, by Warlord Games several months ago:

First task was to assemble the survivors:

One of the things I found was that there were no components to build the 'Female Cop' which was strange as all the other character cards could be built up from the contents of either the box game or the expansion set.

Next task was to assemble the Zombies:

Hopefully I will manage to get a game in at some point soon. The game looks very cinematic when the correct scenery and miniatures are set up:

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nick's News! On the Table - Devastators

Warhammer 40,000

It was December 2015 when I last posted an update on the assembly of the Devastator Squads.
The first squad is pretty much as it was....

The second squad is now at a similar stage of completion........

These squads are to be designated as squads IX and X of the Fifth Company and not as Ninth Company battle brothers attached to the Fifth Company in the same manner as the Centurions. 

Nick's News! On the Table - Sherman Tanks

Flames of War

I purchased a couple of box sets of the new plastic M4A3 Sherman kits to expand on the couple which were included in the game 'Tanks'

A total of ten vehicles has given me a Late War Tank Company as is found in the Bridge at Remagen supplement for Third Edition, Flames of War. The force comprises: Tank Company HQ of two tanks, a Captain and a 2iC; A Tank Platoon of five tanks, a HQ Section Lieutenant and two Tank Sections of two tanks; and A Tank Platoon of three tanks, a HQ Section Lieutenant and one Tank Section of two tanks.

With the different turret options in the plastic kit I have the option to take advantage of some of the Sherman Tank Upgrades found in the Tank Company list. Most notably I can take several 76mm variants and up to five 105mmm variants.

I have yet to play 'Tanks' but as I now have several models assembled for the American and the German factions I hope to get the first game played soon.

I imagine that the late war Pershing will be a match for the Panther tanks in the German list.....

Friday, 24 March 2017

Nick's News! On the Table - Ravenwing

Warhammer: 40,000 - Dark Angels

Most of the models in the fifth company of my Eagle Marines chapter were originally Dark Angels models and miniatures. I picked up the Codex: Dark Angels shortly after it was released in 2015.

Although I did have enough models and miniatures to create a Dark Angels force from the codex I did not have any 'specialist' models which are exclusive to the codex. This changed recently when I bought a Landspeeder Vengeance/Darkshroud kit.

My intention was to have the one model, magnetised for both variants. But, as is often the way, I did not stop there and I have bought two more kits. The first kit is partly assembled:

The other two kits are only primed and ready for assembly:

The models will be painted to match the rest of my Eagle Marines Chapter.........

Friday, 17 March 2017

Nick's News! On the Table - Genestealer Cults

Warhammer 40K - Genestealer Cults

I was of course amazed when I learnt that there was going to be a Codex: Genestealer Cults. I had had it in my mind to have a Genestealer Cult Army since Second Edition.

It was a couple of years ago when the Chaos Cultists were released that I assembled an Army. It was made up up of Chaos models and Tyranid models and both Codexes were used to create an 'allied' force. But it still would not have been 100% legal as Tyranids cannot be allies of any other faction.

It did not matter as I have never fielded it on the table in a battle. My hobby is principally the collecting and assembling and painting side at this time.

The new Codex: Genestealers was pre-empted by the release of Deathwatch Overkill. I picked up a copy and the models were great. With the addition of a couple of other boxes upon release of the Codex, I now have a Genestealer Cult Army which will be stand alone or which could ally with the existing Army......

Nest to be added are a couple of transports.....

That will be enough then and I will commission Andrew Thornway to paint them in the same style and colours of my 'old' Cult Army.

Deathwatch Overkill included other models too, which of course led me to collect yet another new faction.........

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Nick's News! General Update

General Update

It is now March 2017 and my plan to update the blog regularly has not gone well. I have just uploaded several pictures taken of my painting table over the last six months. My plan is to use them to create several individual posts which refer to a specific gaming system or a particular faction or force which I am collecting.

As I have jumped hobbywise between Warhammer 4oK, Bolt Action, Flames of War, Deadzone and Project Z over the last six months, there is quite a lot of sorting out to do.

The situation is complicated further by the fact that I have now got two painting tables. One at home, and one at my office. Right now I am at home looking at the Acolyte Hybrids for my Warhammer 40K Genestealer Cult force, which will be both a stand alone force and an expansion of my 'old' Genestealer Cult force which was painted by Andrew Thornway three years ago.

Next to the Hybrids is a partly assembled Dark Angels Ravenwing Deathshroud. Because a large amount of the miniatures in the 5th Company of my Eagle Marines are Dark Angels miniatures, I thought that I would add some new models that would enable me to field a force from Codex: Dark Angels (2015)

This of course means Deathwing and Ravenwing units and formations. I have plenty of Terminators but no Land Speeders. My two original metal land speeders are 2nd Company (Second Edition) in my Eagle Marines army and so will not be suitable to be used with the Dark Angels Codex. I do have one old plastic Land Speeder but it was converted to an 'attack bike' (basically a dune buggy conversion with a Heavy Flamer which could count as an attack bike) and included in my 3rd Company roster. My 3rd Company is mainly bikes with two attack bikes. I will probably re-convert the plastic Land Speeder back to a skimmer and add two or three more. They will probably need to be 8th Company squad members, attached to the 5th Battle Company.

My office Painting Table currently has on it a platoon of plastic 1/100 scale US Sherman M3A3 tanks which are partly for Flames of War but also for the game 'Tanks' which I want to begin playing soon.

Also at the office are the Deadzone v2 Enforcers and Pathfinders which will be added to my existing collection to enable a Warpath force to be fielded......

That is the latest news.