Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nick's News! On the Table - Sherman Tanks

Flames of War

I purchased a couple of box sets of the new plastic M4A3 Sherman kits to expand on the couple which were included in the game 'Tanks'

A total of ten vehicles has given me a Late War Tank Company as is found in the Bridge at Remagen supplement for Third Edition, Flames of War. The force comprises: Tank Company HQ of two tanks, a Captain and a 2iC; A Tank Platoon of five tanks, a HQ Section Lieutenant and two Tank Sections of two tanks; and A Tank Platoon of three tanks, a HQ Section Lieutenant and one Tank Section of two tanks.

With the different turret options in the plastic kit I have the option to take advantage of some of the Sherman Tank Upgrades found in the Tank Company list. Most notably I can take several 76mm variants and up to five 105mmm variants.

I have yet to play 'Tanks' but as I now have several models assembled for the American and the German factions I hope to get the first game played soon.

I imagine that the late war Pershing will be a match for the Panther tanks in the German list.....

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