Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Nick's News! General Update

General Update

It is now March 2017 and my plan to update the blog regularly has not gone well. I have just uploaded several pictures taken of my painting table over the last six months. My plan is to use them to create several individual posts which refer to a specific gaming system or a particular faction or force which I am collecting.

As I have jumped hobbywise between Warhammer 4oK, Bolt Action, Flames of War, Deadzone and Project Z over the last six months, there is quite a lot of sorting out to do.

The situation is complicated further by the fact that I have now got two painting tables. One at home, and one at my office. Right now I am at home looking at the Acolyte Hybrids for my Warhammer 40K Genestealer Cult force, which will be both a stand alone force and an expansion of my 'old' Genestealer Cult force which was painted by Andrew Thornway three years ago.

Next to the Hybrids is a partly assembled Dark Angels Ravenwing Deathshroud. Because a large amount of the miniatures in the 5th Company of my Eagle Marines are Dark Angels miniatures, I thought that I would add some new models that would enable me to field a force from Codex: Dark Angels (2015)

This of course means Deathwing and Ravenwing units and formations. I have plenty of Terminators but no Land Speeders. My two original metal land speeders are 2nd Company (Second Edition) in my Eagle Marines army and so will not be suitable to be used with the Dark Angels Codex. I do have one old plastic Land Speeder but it was converted to an 'attack bike' (basically a dune buggy conversion with a Heavy Flamer which could count as an attack bike) and included in my 3rd Company roster. My 3rd Company is mainly bikes with two attack bikes. I will probably re-convert the plastic Land Speeder back to a skimmer and add two or three more. They will probably need to be 8th Company squad members, attached to the 5th Battle Company.

My office Painting Table currently has on it a platoon of plastic 1/100 scale US Sherman M3A3 tanks which are partly for Flames of War but also for the game 'Tanks' which I want to begin playing soon.

Also at the office are the Deadzone v2 Enforcers and Pathfinders which will be added to my existing collection to enable a Warpath force to be fielded......

That is the latest news.

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