Monday, 2 January 2017

Nick's News! On the Table - Deadzone


I have made a start on assembling the miniatures which were are in the Deadzone Second Edition box. First up are the Pathfinders and the D.O.G. Drone:

Once completed, the miniatures in the box will mean that I will have a half decent small force for Warpath, or Warpath: Firefight. I will have three squads of Enforcers, a squad of Pathfinders, a D.O.G. Drone, and a couple of Corporation Squads which might or might not be ok to add as allies?

If I get chance I will put all the Deadzone/Warpath miniatures together for the next post.

I do have some Plague from Deadzone First Edition, and some Forge Fathers from Second Edition and a Forge Fathers Warpath First Edition Battle Set, and a small squad of Veermyn from Project Pandora! But I have no plans to build up any of these factions at his stage.......

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