Tuesday, 22 September 2015

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Bolt Action

Arrived in the post from Warlord! A couple of blister packs of metal US Airborne troops to add to my second army of Screaming Eagles.

The first army was built using the plastic miniatures from the Assault on Normandy box set but I wanted to create a second army using only metal miniatures.

It is my plan to have four squads in two platoons. I may have to reduce squad numbers from twelve men down to ten men so that I have enough points to field some fire support.

The squads may be equipped with just three SMGs and seven Rifles because firstly, I don't have any BAR carrying metal models an secondly the two man LMG teams I received for the squads are lying in the prone position, which I am not keen on because they are static posed and so look ok in defensive set up but don't look right when advancing on the enemy, also prone models throw up questions of line of sight during a game.........

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