Thursday, 15 December 2016

Nick's News! General Update


It has been twelve months since my last post. I knew in advance that my 2016 would be a busy one and that there would be very little time to update my blog. This proved to be the case. I have not been totally idle hobby-wise though. I've spent a little time on my Warhammer 40K Eagle Marines, a little time on my Bolt Action Screaming Eagles, and a little time on my Flames of War forces, including a little time on some Team Yankee models.

Gaming-wise I've played a fair amount of X-Wing, particularly in the first half of the year. More recently I've been playing some Deadzone (Version 1) which I have enjoyed and I consider a great 'lunchtime' game. I've yet to play the version 2 rules but I may purchase a copy and create a hybrid version of my own which takes what are in my opinion the 'best bits' from both versions.

Christmas is just around the corner and as usual I have pre-purchased some gifts which I can 'receive' from relatives. There are some additions to some games I already own and some new models and toys to display in my study/hobby room at home.

Hopefully I will get back to regular blog updates in 2017.

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