Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Nick's News! On the Table - Rhinos

Warhammer: 40,000

Free Transports! When I learned that my Eagle Marines could potentially be riding around in transports at zero points cost I thought 'excellent' - however, I only had a single rhino and a single drop pod in my 5th Company collection (7th Company is sorted, but I will need to post about them another time). After placing some winning bids on eBay and thanks to the Strike Force set I bought, I now have six rhino/razorback vehicles and two drop pods.

I decided to only bid on 'blue' vehicles to make painting them up easier but they arrived all shades of the Ultramarine spectrum!

Not too worry though. A bit of shading and dry brushing and they will blend together better.

A bigger headache is trying to achieve a point where each can be employed as either/or rhino/razorback. Even after raiding the bits box I am a few components short............

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