Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Nick's News! Quick Battle Report

Bolt Action

Last Friday I played my second game of Bolt Action against Rob. As an introductory game we were able to learn that we got some rules wrong in the first game (artillery bombardment is not as devastating) and this time we learnt that assault is quite devastating!

The table looked a lot better this time as we were able to get a better table at the club.

Although we has laid out on a 6x4 table most of the action was in the middle of the battlefield.

Fortune favours the brave as my Sherman moved in on the Panther.

A lucky shot destroyed the Panther - however, we later realised that this was a bit too generous as we forgot that Panthers have 'extra front armour' - immobilised was probably the correct damage result.

All in all a great game. It will be a couple of weeks before I can play again, so in the meantime I have been reading up on the 101st Airborne Division and I have decided which specific unit my platoon will represent. Further update to follow.......

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